Functions of a Nightclub Door Supervisor

The Functions of Door Staff in the Night Club setting is often misunderstood.

The Doorman is the first person the Patron sees and sets the mood for the style and attitude of the club.

The True Function of Doorman/Staff is to provide access control for a Nightclub and screen those that enter.

A Doorman is the person who stands at the entrance and checks IDs to insure that each person is old enough to legally enter the Establishment and is Dressed appropriately AND is not impaired by Drink or Drugs.

Another function of a Doorman is to prevent admittance to those who have previously caused trouble inside the Club.

Most Night-clubs begin to have problems and a bad reputation when they hire Security firms who are only too happy to supply Inexperienced and Poorly Trained Aggressive Door staff.

Our PSA Licensed Door Staff are Highly Trained in Conflict Management,  Drug Detection and Crowd Control.

The Duty of Our Door Staff is to monitor the crowd inside and outside of the Venue and to see that everyone behaves.

Our Goal is to see that everyone has a very Safe and Enjoyable time.

Our Door Staff are Personable, Friendly and are also able to talk to people without appearing too threatening or intimidating.

C2 Security Door staff will keep all Entrances and Fire exits clear at all times.

The mere presence of the Door staff will remind the Patron that their conduct is being scrutinised.

A Night-club is about providing Hospitality where people can go to Relax, Unwind, Dance, Socialise, and Feel Safe and have a Good time.

C2 Security Door staff will "manage" the Patrons inside your Venue and will see to it that no one becomes overly aggressive and spoils the mood.

Anyone fighting or causing trouble WILL be ejected.

Our Door Staff will wake up anyone sleeping inside the Club.

Unacceptable behaviour will not be tolerated.

Anyone Dealing or Taking drugs will be handed over to the Garda and/or Ejected.

Our Door-staff will evenly and fairly enforce the Venue rules.

The Best run Night-clubs enforce the Rules and do so immediately.

C2 Security Personnel adhere to a Polite but Firm attitude.

A well-timed and discreet comment from our Door staff about offensive language or behaviour is all that is necessary, in most cases.

Sometimes a second warning maybe necessary that further conduct will result in being asked to leave the premises.

Any Patron who rejects a request to behave will be asked to leave.

No one likes to be asked or told to leave an establishment.

If the Patron is taken aside and discreetly told about the decision, the likelihood of an aggressive exchange is reduced.

If it becomes necessary to physically escort a Patron to the exit, our Door staff are well trained to do so and will escort, without harm, the Patron or Patrons out of your premises.

Usually we will have present at least one Door staff more than the number of people being escorted out For Security reasons.

Reasonable Force will be used only in Patron ejection, Self-Defence or for the purpose of detaining a criminal for the Garda.

Escorting a Patron out of a Venue involves the use of a polite explanation of why they are being asked to leave; all our Door staff are trained to do so.

If two or more Patrons mutually get into a fistfight, they must be removed from the Venue immediately for everyone's safety.

At the Head Doorman's discretion the less aggressive may be permitted to stay if mitigating circumstances are proved.

.... Our goal is to see that everyone has a good time.

Note: The law allows any person to use reasonable force to defend themselves, their property or the property of another person. In addition a person may use “such force as is necessary in the prevention of crime” The use of force, however slight, requires justification that it was reasonable in all circumstances