Door Security Supervisors for Public Houses and Nightclubs

    1. The role of the Door Security Supervisor is an important one, as he is both the first and last point of contact for your customers, and plays a vital role in protecting your business. Our security doormen are all trained in first aid, fire and safety, drugs awareness, as well as taught how to control and diffuse difficult situations. All our door supervisors are registered with the PSA, and will be smartly dressed in our company uniform, with their C2 Security and PSA badges prominently displayed or availably on demand.

    1. The security supervisor appointed will greet visitors in a friendly and polite manner, and will help maintain good order on the premises, ensuring the safety of the public and staff. The door supervisor will also be aware of all fire and emergency equipment, and will be trained in the evacuation procedures for the premises. Tact and diplomacy will always be used first as a means to control any conflict, but should the need arise, the security doormen will use only the minimum amount of force required to diffuse the situation.

  1. Our security team will carry out a risk assessment for the customer's premises, including Health and Safety checks and help identify problem areas. A security plan will be drawn up outlining roles and responsibilities, list of communications, contingency plans, Health & Safety requirements, dress code, drugs policy etc, and the security doormen will be very familiar with this plan. Clear records will be kept and all incidents recorded in a daily logbook